Posted on: June 14th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

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Building rapport through conversationsDo you ever get trapped in conversations and feel like you’re sinking?  Flailing around hoping for someone to come rescue you?

It’s not a pleasant feeling and it gets worse if you don’t have a sidekick, colleague or knight in shining armor to save you.  What do you do?  Learn to get out of conversation jams on your own.

This technique will change your life in two ways – and I promise I’m not exaggerating.

First, think about the relief you’ll experience knowing that you can avoid that “trapped” feeling and smoothly navigate your way through any conversation – even when you don’t think you have an answer.

Secondly, it’s important to approach conversations with confidence.  It’s much easier to do that when you feel like you like you can’t be stumped and always have a graceful way out.

With that in mind, are you ready for the two words that will change your life?

They are:  “No, but”

Here’s how it works.

“Did you see the game last night?”

“No, but did you?


“Did you hear about the coach who just got fired?”

“No, but what happened?”


“Have you seen the email I sent?”

“No but I’m on my way back to my desk to look at it.”


Each of these examples show how “no, but” gives you something to say even when you don’t have anything to say.  The words are magical because you’re being honest about your knowledge level of the situation and encouraging the conversation to continue.  You look brilliant because you’ve effectively communicated your position and are fostering a relationship at the same time.

That’s a confidence booster if I ever heard one!

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