Posted on: February 8th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

While listening to the radio last week, I heard a host say, that although she disliked football, she was going to make an effort to watch the Super Bowl last weekend because her husband enjoyed watching the game.   She determined that just being in the same room and showing an interest in his passions would help their marriage, and open the door for better conversations.  It was a little bit of a stretch for her, but she knew it would go a long way.

I spend quite a bit of time teaching people how to relate sports topics and conversations to their co-workers, but there’s also a connection to be made with your spouses and families.  It’s a smart and logical move to take an interest in what interests the people you love.  And the example above demonstrates how one gal decided to do more than just pay lip service to her husband’s passion for football.

Valentines Gift - Become a Sports Fan

Valentines Day is just around the corner and while I think the holiday is just another attempt to part people with their money, I do think it gives us a chance to stop and think of special ways to show love and affection to people we care about.   If you haven’t come up with a perfect gift, think outside the box this year and consider becoming a sports fan or taking in game with the sports lover in your life.  Think it’s a cheap way out of giving an actual gift?  Think again, it’s a much more considerate gift because its something you can cultivate all year long.  Here’s what you’ll actually be giving.:

  1. The gift of time. Watching a game or going to an event is a great chance to catch up with your sweetie.  You don’t have to talk about the game the entire time, it’s just an excuse to spend time together.
  2. A true connection. Sharing in your sweetie’s passion makes them feel good. A person who is passionate about something wants to share that feeling.
  3. Follow up Conversations. There are going to be times when you need a ‘warm-up’ conversation to a larger issue that needs to be discussed.  (My friend calls it priming the pump.) Being able to start with a non-threatening topic like your sweeties favorite team is a little less jarring and helps get the conversation off on the right foot.

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