Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

I decided to take some promotional items to the gym this morning to get the word out about my upcoming happy hour, and ended up getting into a couple very interesting conversations both relating to the art of human interaction.

Someone asked me if Talk Sporty to Me was another way of social networking.   And I guess it some ways it is, but not the way we’ve come to think of social networking, which to me means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Those are great resources for making contacts but there’s very little personal interaction.   That’s where TSTM is different.  It focuses on the human element and the art of interaction, because I believe that’s what people crave these days.   Text messages and emails have their place, I know I couldn’t live without either these days.   But nothing takes the place of a real conversation, in which you are taking a real interest in the person you’re talking with.

About an hour later, when I handed the card to my friend Kevin, he made a similar point.  He noted that one of the rising stars in his office spent most of his time returning emails, making phone calls, setting up meetings and establishing connections within the company.  Kevin would prefer not to deal with the countless number of emails that clutter his inbox but as we were talking he started to understand the need for it.   Think about how many times we send an email, post a status update, tweet or blog – and get no feedback whatsoever.  Sometimes we just want to know we’re being heard.  That is where the art of communication and conversation comes in to play.  All it takes is a simple question or an interesting tidbit to get the ball rolling.

In Seattle today, chances are, people will be talking about the Mariners as they  open a 3 game series against Tampa.  The Mariners made a couple moves yesterday and their GM made a comment about Ken Griffey Jr and his future. Easy conversation starter?  What do you think the Mariners lineup will look like today?  When do you think Jr. will come out of his slump?