Posted on: June 8th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Close calls play a roll in every sport.  It’s the plays at the plate in baseball, fouls in the paint in basketball and those oh-so-close fourth an inches plays in football.

The Mariners have seen their share this year, but there was one a couple weeks ago that caught my attention.  The Mariners were hosting the Yankees and New York’s Nick Swisher slid home and was called safe by the umpire even though replays showed Mariners catcher Chris Gimenez applied the tag in time.  Swisher should have been out, but the umpire’s mistake led to a run scored.


Chris Gimenez

In talking with Gimenez later, he knew the umpire made the wrong call.  He also recognized that it was best to keep his emotions in check, because the better the relationship and communication with the umpire, the easier it is for Gimenez to do his job.   He made a point of saying you won’t necessarily get more calls, but you’ll be able to ask for help in certain situations and work more smoothly with the people around you.

Work relationships get complicated.  No one knows that better than a major league catcher working under the watchful eye of an umpire every game.  But even the most difficult situations can improve with better communication.  The willingness to at least talk through something can set the tone for a better relationship.  Don’t let emotions get the best of you.  Stronger relationships lead to more positive interactions and more business exchanges and opportunities.  Take the time to talk to someone today.


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