Posted on: November 14th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Last week, I found myself in the middle of a conversation regarding the merits of Twitter.  The person who I was talking with didn’t understand how random tweets could possible help grow a business.  In his opinion, a successful business comes down to selling (your product or service) and making money, and he didn’t see how Twitter accomplished either.   It forced me to think about the real value of Twitter.  It’s not in the actual tweets – no one cares what I ate for breakfast – it’s the power to connect.  Twitter offers people a chance to connect to friends, athletes, celebs and businesses.  That connection can lead to more business and larger profits.

Jen Mueller Expert Talker at BuzzBee

I shared this story with the crowd at BuzzBee last week. It’s a strategic marketing and consulting firm located in Seattle.  They company is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative ideas, community service and now networking strategies.  The folks at BuzzBee understand that solid relationships and being able to connect with clients and employees make them a successful business.  They took an innovated approach to that last week becoming the first company in Seattle to focus on sports as a networking tool.

It works because sports conversations provide:

1. Instant credibility

2. Non-threatening subject matter

3. Opportunity for follow up.

Jen Mueller Expert Talker

We had a blast last week and the group in attendance was talking sports, networking and making valuable connections after just an hour.

If you’d like to see how Talk Sporty to Me can work for your company, send me an email or check out the website.  If you’d like to talk with any of the folks at BuzzBee they’re armed with sports conversation starters and they’d love to talk about how they can serve you. Contact them through their website at