Posted on: June 6th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

I arrived at Safeco Field this morning after a wonderful day off yesterday.  I spent a gorgeous sun –filled day wandering around Seattle and Pike Place Market.  I did not check my emails or do anything resembling work.  So I was a little surprised when I showed up in the clubhouse this morning and noticed a new face, Luke French.  French was a call-up from Tacoma and I knew I would need to do an interview with him because it was newsworthy the Mariners had made a roster move.  There was only one small problem.  Since I hadn’t checked my emails I had no idea if the move happened yesterday or today.  I could have faked my way through an awkward conversation but instead I chose to go the route of being honest.  I chatted with Luke for a few minutes and then said. “I hate to ask this, but I was off yesterday and haven’t seen my emails yet.  Did you get called up yesterday or today?”

Luke was very polite and said he got the call last night that told him to report to Seattle today.  Question answered and I was able to conduct a better interview because I now had the information I needed.  And you know what?  Luke didn’t mind that I had to ask.   Keep that in mind when someone asks if you saw the game, or read about a particular story.  It’s okay to just say ‘no.’  Be honest but if you want bonus Talk Sporty to Me points don’t forget to ask them if they saw the game, or what they thought of the story.  You might get some great information you can use later.