Posted on: February 6th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Jen MuellerBefore Sunday’s action-packed Super Bowl, I was out and about enjoying a beautiful day around the Puget Sound.  I intentionally planned my day to get back in time to watch the Patriots and Giants, but quickly discovered that not everyone had the same thought.   I ran into a couple of gals loudly proclaiming that they weren’t interested in the Super Bowl and had no plans to watch.

“Everyone’s going to be watching the game, except us,” they said proudly, as if it was a badge of honor.

Everyone’s going to be watching the game, except us.  Read that sentence again.  Do you see the missed opportunities?  If everyone is going to be watching the game, that means everyone will be talking about the game Monday morning and for the rest of the week, not to mention all the conversations that will take place between now and the start of next season.  These women approached the situation as if they were taking a stand, when, in fact, they were alienating themselves from a large group of people.  What happens when they show up to work on Monday and have nothing to contribute to the conversation?

Before I go any further, let me just say that I’m not advocating you become the biggest sports fan in your office.  I’m suggesting that you take notice of what others are taking notice of.   Of course, if you work with coworkers who never once mentioned the Super Bowl, but have talked nonstop about the Academy Awards, then it would be smart to keep tabs on the movies up for an award.

Do you see the bigger strategy?  Appealing to the largest number of people gives you more opportunities and increases your likeability and visibility in the office.   The Super Bowl is a gimme.  Don’t let the opportunity to join the conversation pass you by.  It’s in the moments you’re talking about the fantastic finish, the awesome party, the crazy commercials, the halftime show, etc…  that you build rapport with your colleagues and coworkers.  Chances are they know you’re good at your job, but what else do they know? Using the Super Bowl as an ice-breaker is a great entry point and easy way to strengthen relationships that get business done.

If you didn’t watch the game, it’s not too late.  Read the headlines and this week’s Workplace Conversation Starters blog.


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