Posted on: April 8th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

“I’m up for a challenge,” I thought. “How bad could it be?  I made it through P90x, this should be fine.” 

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Lab5 FitnThose were my initial thoughts when I was invited to the launch of Lab5 Fitness this week on Capitol Hill. Then I walked in the door, took a look at the reformers and immediately started doubting myself. The workout included barre work, TRX bands and power pilates – 3 things I’d never attempted. Before the uncertainty could really take hold, I managed to grab hold of one little truth. I am, for all intents and purposes, in pretty good shape. I’m a regular at the gym and like to undertake challenging workouts. This would be no different.

Turns out it was a lot different than anything else I’d ever tried.  It was a phenomenal workout and I’m hooked.  If you’re in the Capitol Hill area, I highly recommend you stop by and check out Lab5.  They offer great workouts and the owners and staff are wonderful.  It might be a step outside your comfort zone, but that’s how we grow.

The same can be said for improving our communication skills and reaching out to the people around us.  I recognize that I am an expert talker but not everyone shares my comfort level in striking up a conversation.  But here’s the thing.  You have to interaction with people to find your next opportunity. People don’t walk around with nametags that read, “I’m your next big client.” Or “I’m going to be the best employee you’ve ever hired.”   You need to make the first step and strike up a conversation.  Before you let the uncertainty and fear take over, find your one little truth.  Just like my experience at Lab5.  Identify one small thing you can do, for example:  smiling, saying hi, or asking about a local sports team.   That’s all you need to spark an interaction and put you on the path to success.  If you need help with conversation starters, click here and check back every Monday.  Interactions can be short and sweet, so don’t worry about preparing too much material or running out of things to say.  The biggest key is getting started.  Don’t let your next opportunity pass you by.

If you want more information on how sports conversations can assist in your interactions email to book a private coaching session or your next company event.

If you’d like more information on Lab5 Fitness, click on the picture and sign up for a class.

Talk Sporty to Me Blog