Posted on: June 23rd, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Occasionally I’ll finish an interview and think, “Wow!  That didn’t go well.  I wonder if it was my questions.  Maybe I should have done something different.”

I’ll analyze my part of the exchange only to find out it had nothing to do with me. There are many times an interview feels awkward because the athlete has limited experience with interviews and is unsure of how to answer some questions.   In that case, it’s a matter of that player working on his communication style and his comfort level.

Talk Sporty to Me BlogI run into this during pre and post game interviews, but it happens quite often in traditional workplace settings.  An awkward exchange with a co-worker can lead to doubt your ability to communicate effectively or possibility question your effectiveness working alongside a co-worker.  Before you over-analyze the situation, however, stop to consider it might not have anything to do with you.  Your co-worker or colleague might be having a bad day, he or she might be distracted or even battling his or her own insecurities.  Save yourself some stress and recognize there are numerous factors at play during a conversation.

Developing rapport in business is the best way to avoid awkward exchanges as the rapport gives you additional insight into communication styles and personality types.  Click here and here for ways to do that through simple exchanges.


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