Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

With a title like “Talk Sporty to Me” the natural assumption is that TSTM is only for talking about sports.  But as you’ve seen through out the blog posts, and hopefully on the website, it’s really about good communication skills and relationship building.

Here’s an example of the real payoff for me.  The other night I was having dinner with my boyfriend who had just played the best round of golf in his life.  It started with the obvious question “How was your round?” and 20 minutes later he was still talking about the in’s and out’s of his round, and why he was so pleased about it.  This was a big deal to him, which made it a big deal to me.  He’s not usually a big talker, but he opened right up about his day and his round of golf.  When he finished talking about golf we talked through a few things from my day.  It was a great conversation and a great dinner – and it started with a round of golf and a simple question.

Do you see the payoff?  It was quality time and a meaningful conversation. That is the key to good relationships.  In the process I did learn a little more about the nuances of golf, but that was secondary to the great conversation.  Talk Sporty to Me helps get your to the real payoff – whatever that is.  The concept applies to any situation.

First – identify a common interest. In my case it was the dating relationship.  I want my relationship to succeed therefore I’m taking an interest in my boyfriend’s interests.

Secondly – Show your interest. A question “how was your round?” is all it takes to express an interest.

Third – Follow along. Pay attention to the conversation, even if you’re not completely familiar with all the details. I’m not a golfer, but I can follow the conversation enough to know what’s important and why he was so excited.

Imagine this conversation playing out at the office, with a client or a co-worker.  What does quality time and meaningful conversation lead to in that case?  A better work environment, and better relationships with clients. Eventually that leads to greater success and the real payoff.