Posted on: July 8th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

We think tend to remember the big successes of our workdays or workweek but often overlook some of the smaller accomplishments that paved the way for the larger success.  As a matter of fact, success is defined as: the favorable outcome of something attempted.

Notice the definition doesn’t quantity how big the outcome needs to be or how large the task you undertake. It’s important to note that some of the most significant successes in your week grew out of smaller successes like perhaps speaking up and correcting someone.

Talk Sporty to Me Success Story BlogI had that experience earlier this week while on vacation.  I was touring Reliant Stadium, the NFL football stadium in Houston, with my family and listening to the tour guide who clearly thought he knew everything there was to know about the game day.  He was well informed, but also gave incorrect information on a handful of occasions.  I finally spoke up and corrected him on one of these points and politely explained that I work for the Seattle Seahawks and had been at the stadium two seasons ago with the Hawks.  He gave me a questioning look, but smiled and continued.

It was a success in my book, because this gentleman was so confident and slick in his presentation that it would have been hard not to believe him if I didn’t have my own first hand knowledge.  Saying something was a personal success because I had the confidence to set the record straight and speak up in the group.

How about your success story this week?  What was it?  Think about one small accomplishment, and think about how you can build on that next week.  Remember the ability to communicate is one of the top predictors of success so keep talking.


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