Posted on: October 4th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

As a lifelong sports fan and sports broadcaster, I often find myself encouraging others to become fans and cheering on those who already are.  I am convinced if you just give it a try you’ll find something you like.  Turns out celebrity chef and TV host Guy Fieri shares the same thought:

“We are an amazing country and our country is so diversified there are so many awesome things. You can not tell me you’re not a fan of something. If you’re a fan of dog shows we got ‘em. If you’re a fan of light shows we put metal bands with them we put Metallica with it. We’re such a great country and we’re so fortunate to have the things we have. “

I think that’s a great point.  Part of being a fan is finding something you’re passionate about, developing an interest and broadening your horizons.  You don’t have to watch every football game on Sunday or watch all 9 innings of a baseball game.  It’s a point that Fieri makes beautifully.

“I tell people, ‘don’t think that because you can’t be a “fully devoted go-to-every-single-game fan” that you can’t enjoy it.’ You can enjoy it, just enjoy it to the level you can enjoy it.”

And here’s why it’s important, developing your fandom not only helps you but others around you – particularly men.   Most men aren’t fond of small talk.  They just don’t see the point of chit chat.  Being armed with a sports connection gives you an ‘in’ and an instant connection. That is vital in a productive work place.

You know, Guy Fieri spends quite a bit of time talking about food, but he’s also an avid football fan.  He’s a Raiders fan and welcomes the opportunity to talk sports. Check back for more from Guy throughout the week.   And I should point out that if you want to be a fan of something or someone – start with Guy Fieri.  Few are as gracious, humble and down to earth as Guy.  Check him out on any number of television outlets.  Go to for more info.

Here are a few conversation starters this week:

Several big college football games over the weekend led to a change in the Top 25. The Oregon Ducks rallied against Stanford to move pas Boise State in the polls.  The Ducks have outscored opponents 114-7 in the second half of games.  What will they do this week against a struggling Washington State team?  What does Boise State need to do to gain respect?

Baseball’s regular season ended Sunday.  The Mariners finished with 101 losses.  It was a tough season, and especially difficult because they were a favorite to win the division heading into spring training.  What do you want to see them do between now and Spring Training?  How much baseball will you watch?

The only remaining unbeaten team in the NFL is the Kansas City Chiefs – I guarantee you football fans did not see that coming.  Several other storylines played out including in the NFC West.  The Seahawks lost in St. Louis and the Rams moved into 1st place in the division.  St. Louis won just 1 game all of last season.  What do you think is the biggest surprise?  What’s stood out to you after 4 weeks of the season?