Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Like it or not, sports is part of American culture and as a result you’ll find just as many people talking about last nights game in the office as at the local sports bar.  In fact, recent research by Pew Research shows that 46% of Americans follow sports “somewhat.”

That stat should be an eye-opener.  Simply ignoring the sports conversations or references and wishing they would go away isn’t very productive and it’s not realistic.  The numbers prove that sports fans are everywhere.  Your best bet is to join in and use sports conversations to your advantage.

What’s that old saying?  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

You won’t win the battle of trying to end sports conversations at work so you might as well join in.  This week’s batch of conversation starters help you do just that.

Workplace Conversations, Talk Sporty to MeNBA – The Miami Heat hold a 2-1 series advantage as of Monday in the NBA Finals.  OKC’s Kevin Durant got into foul trouble late and limited his effectiveness and LeBron James overcame a poor start to finish strong for Miami.

  • Has momentum shifted in the series now that the Heat have won two straight games?
  • What do you make of comments that Kevin Durant is too skinny and not strong enough to withstand the pressure from a guy as big as LeBron?

GolfWebb Simpson won the U.S. Open Sunday.  It was a surprise since going into the weekend everyone thought Tiger Woods was back on track and a favorite to win. But Tiger collapsed in the final two rounds and was a factor at the top of the leaderboard.

  • What happened to Tiger and Jim Furyk who also collapsed late?
  • Past U.S. Open winner Rory McIlroy, Master’s Champ Bubba Watson, and top ranked Luke Donald all missed the cut and didn’t get to play the final two days.  What’s wrong with their games?

NFL – One of the best running backs to play the game announced his retirement.  LaDainian Tomlinson retires after 11 years in the NFL. He is 5th all-time in rushing yards and 55th all time in receptions – which is incredible since his job was to run the ball not to catch it.

  • Despite all his accomplishments, Tomlinson, or LT as he’s called, never won a championship.  How does that impact his legend?


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