Posted on: August 31st, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Wine and Sports: Two topics everyone should be able to talk about

Talk Sporty to Me, Jen MuellerPicture this:  You’re celebrating the end of a long workweek and decide to go out for a nice dinner with your sweetheart.  A glass of wine sounds like the perfect way to unwind, but the wine list arrives at your table with a thud!  It’s a leather bound volume, the size of a phone book.

Your eyes glaze over as you start flipping through the pages.  The names, varietals and prices blur together.  The task of choosing what wine to have with dinner becomes such a daunting task you’re tempted to go without.

Or you could take the easy way out.  Ask your server or wine steward.

I’ve given this advice before, but until this week I really didn’t understand how knowledgeable most servers are when it comes to helping you select the perfect wine for dinner.   Over lunch this week at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Bellevue, I learned the servers are regularly tested on their wine knowledge and ability to make the right suggestions based on a customer’s preference and meal.  They have to be able to help you make the right call because their jobs depend on it.

You’ve got enough to worry about without out stressing over little things, like deciding which wine to drink with dinner, or the best way to start a sports conversation with a client or co-worker. 

Save your time and energy and take the easy way out.

Jen Mueller, Talk Sporty to Me, America's Expert Talker

My wine choice this week – Alexandria Nicole 2007 Rock Star Red.  It’s a great combination of Grenache, Syrah and Counoise, fruity with a hint of pepper.  Juicy on it’s own although I sipped a glass while eating a perfectly seasoned steak off the grill.



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