Posted on: August 14th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Wine and Sports: Two topics everyone should be able to talk about.

Most of the time we focus on the more novice sports fans and new wine drinkers, but today it’s a message for engaging with the more savvy fans and wine connoisseurs.

It’s a topic I brought up with Mike Stevens from Brian Carter Cellars.  I asked Mike how he converses with the more experienced wine tasters as opposed to the first time tasters.  He said he’ll show the customer the tasting notes, explain what the winemaker was trying to achieve and ask, “In your opinion did we achieve that goal?”  “Does it meet your expectations?”

Those questions encourage the more experienced taster to open up and share his or her experiences.  The information they share helps Mike determine how much detail he can share without overwhelming them with information.

You can use the same approach when talking to more passionate and knowledgeable sports fans.  Instead of simply asking, “What did you think of the game?”  You can ask for a little more detail like, “Did that matchup live up to the hype?” “Was that game/team/player what you expected?”

It’s a way to let a sports fan engage at a deeper level than just the standard surface questions.

In both cases, your responsibility is not just to ask the question, but to listen to the response.  Don’t zone out, even if you can’t completely follow the conversation.  Use the information provided an build your knowledge base in both wine and sports.  Who knows it could end up to be a valuable tidbit during a business dinner or while entertaining a potential client.

Talk Sporty to Me, Jen Mueller

Learning how to talk about wine and sports will help you build relationships in the workplace, and give you two broad subjects that lead to more effective communication and productive conversations.
By the way, the Brian Carter wine I’m drinking this week?  The Abracadabra Red.  It’s an easy drinking table wine and considered one of the best value wines at Brian Carter.  The blend varies from year to year but it’s always good.



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