Posted on: January 9th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Welcome to a new workweek!

There’s a good chance your coworkers and colleagues will talk sports this week and there’s no reason for you to be left out.

Don’t know what they’re talking about?

I’ve got you covered.  Here’s a quick rundown of 4 sports headlines making news this week.   Watch the video to get caught up on the basics.

Jen Mueller America's Expert Talker, CEO Talk Sporty to Me

If you’d like more information click on the links below to read the full stories, but don’t stress out if you’re out of time.  You’ll have more than enough info to follow along when these topics come up.  Being an active listener in a conversation is just as valuable (and sometimes more valuable) than talking.

As I mentioned at the end of the video- being able to participate in these conversations helps raise your likeability and visibility in the office.  Combine that with your hard work and overall skills and there’s no stopping you.

NFL Tim Tebow leads Denver Broncos to big win.

College Football LSU and Alabama battle for the National Title.

MLB Barry Larkin likely to join Hall of Fame.

NBA Dwight Howard wants a trade.


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