Posted on: July 26th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

OMG!  That’s really the best way to start this post.  Last night I’m out to dinner with my wonderful boyfriend.  We were seated next to a couple that was obviously on a date, maybe not a first date, but a date.   I’ll be honest and admit that I was eves dropping, but they were sitting so close I couldn’t really help it.

I never asked their names, but if I call the guy Mr. Meathead,  that should give you a clue as to what he was like – in addition to this question he asked his date. “What’s your favorite kind of massage?”   Wow! That’s your best line?  Needless to say that line of questioning didn’t get very far.  Next conversation topic – the importance of having former girlfriends all over the country, “That way,” he explained “I always have a place to stay when I want to travel.”   Nice.  Meanwhile my boyfriend and I continue our dinner conversation, occasionally looking up to check out SportsCenter.   We talked about different items that popped up on the ticker. (That’s the scrolling information at the bottom of the screen.)  When the Yankees highlights came on, I watched A-Rod get hit by a pitch and said, somewhat loudly in a mocking tone, “Oh that’s too bad.”

Mr. Meathead overheard our conversation then started talking about how he didn’t like sports enough to follow it. He bragged about how he was good enough to play in college, but didn’t really like it.  The informed his date that it’s silly to follow sports because why should he care what those guys are doing.  I don’t know them personally was his reasoning.  I’m not faulting his reasoning, he can have his own opinions.   And he certainly had a few on the subject.  He continued on and on, 10 minutes later he was still talking about sports – something he claimed to care nothing about.

I don’t have to tell you that Mr. Meathead proved my point for me.  There were so many chances for his date to follow up on his comments about sports.  She could have easily steered the conversation toward something more enjoyable to talk about.  He missed the point of the entire date.  You’re trying to get to know someone when you’re on a date.  His conversation topics were not promoting good conversation or relationship building.

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