Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Sports topics and headlines make great small talk at the office, help you break the ice, lead to better rapport and future conversations.  Here are a few of the hot topics in the sports world this week.  Just read the summary, click on the link for more information and ask the questions provided.


Jen Mueller - Talk Sporty to Me - Expert TalkerNFL – Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton impresses for a second straight week, throwing for more than 400 yards for a second straight week.  The Panthers lost, but what kind of impact will he have on the league this year?  One week after coming under fire for poor decision-making late in the game, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered a broken rib, led his team to a second half comeback and an overtime win.  Has Romo done enough to change public opinion in one week?


NCAA – The hot talk in college football centers, not around games, but around conference alignment.  There are more indications that the newly expanded Pac12 will expand again to become the Pac 16, meaning there will be 16 teams in the conference instead of 12.  If Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech leave the Big 12, that conference won’t exist. It appears college football is moving closer to having 4 Super Conferences instead of a lot of smaller conferences.   How does this impact post-season play and potentially set up a playoff system?  Is money too much of a factor in college athletics?


MLB – Baseball fans are keeping a close eye on the pennant race in the AL East.  For the longest time, it looked like either New York or Boston would the division and the other team would earn the Wild Card berth.  That’s all changed in the last week with Boston losing 11 of their last 14 games.  Tampa is within 2 games of the AL Wild Card.  The Red Sox must now cheer for the Yankees who play Tampa 7 times in the last 10 games of the season.  Which team pulls it out?  What’s led to Boston’s decline in the last month?


NBA –  News out of the NBA last week, indicates the owners and players aren’t close to reaching an agreement that would end the lockout.  That means there’s an increasing chance games will be canceled.  Lakers star Kobe Bryant says playing overseas is still an option if there’s no season.  What are the pros and cons of NBA players going overseas? 


BoxingWas it a cheap shot or not?  That’s what boxing fans are debating this week.  Floyd Mayweather landed a knock out punch Saturday night against defending welterweight champion Victor Ortiz.  Mayweather says you gotta protect yourself at all times and refused to apologize.  How do you feel about the way the fight ended?


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