Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Ever play the Super Hero game?

You know, the one that starts with someone asking, “If you were a super hero what power would you want?”

The conversation morphs into a silly exchange of superpowers that will never exist anywhere other than our wildest dreams.  Everything seems so far-fetched

But what if, there was a way to change the world?  And it only took a couple minutes here and there.  The change sparked confidence, built character, transformed friendships, and generated more business.  The change spread way beyond your circle of influence and touched lives in ways you couldn’t image.  It built solid foundations, genuine connections and lasting relationships.


And it all starts with a pen and a card.send a card, change the world


You’ll be bursting with pride when you see all the lives you can touch with just a few handwritten sentiments, and overcome with fulfillment knowing that you’re making a difference.  And cards, unlike emails, can’t be erased or deleted with the click of a button.

Changing the world?  Yep, that’s you superhero.  So give your keyboard a rest, grab a pen and card and starting writing.  There are lives that need your influence.




change the world today