Posted on: September 20th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Each week we point out helpful sports conversation starters for use in your workplace, around friends, while networking or at home.  This week we not only have those, but an idea for how to broach a delicate topic in the workplace.  Did you see the story about Inez Sainz?  She’s the reporter who works for Azteca TV and ran into some problems in the NY Jets locker room.  As a football reporter, I have my own thoughts on the matter, some of which you can read here.

The story has attracted national attention due to the sexual harassment claims.  It’s a hot button topic and the story provides enough talking points to easily transition to what is and isn’t appropriate in your work place.  This is a great tool for Human Resource personnel, employers and perhaps even an employee who doesn’t know how verbalize their concerns about certain work place behavior.   

The most non-threatening way to approach the subject as an employer would be to ask your employees for their thoughts on the story. Ask about different elements of the story, like the way she dressed and the way the players acted. Listen to what they have to say, and follow up based on their comments.  Then remind your employees about the office dress code and behavior that won’t be tolerated in the workplace. 

Using this sports story as a starting point is an easier transition to a very difficult subject.  It’s just another example of how sports involves more than just game action on the field.

We can certainly talk about that though.  Here are some easy conversation starters for the week. Although it will be mostly football talk Monday and Tuesday.

Here’s a little cheat sheet on what one writer considers the best and worst of the Week 2 action. Things you should know:  The NY Jets backed up the tough talk and beat Tom Brady and the Patriots.  Tony Romo and the Cowboys are off to a very disappointing start.  Brett Favre threw 3 interceptions Sunday in a loss to Miami.  And Peyton beat his little brother Eli Sunday night when the Colts topped the Giants. Good questions for this week would include; ‘how did your team do?’ ‘What’s the biggest surprise this season?’

Closer to home the Seahawks lost on the road to the Broncos.  The Seahawks had plenty of chances in this one, but shot themselves in the foot with turnovers.  The defense held nicely on 1st and 2nd downs, but couldn’t get off the field on 3rd downs.  What concerns you most about the Hawks loss? What do you want to see done differently next week when they play the Chargers at home?

Don’t know if you saw this Saturday, but Michigan State beat Notre Dame on a fake field goal in overtime.  Shortly after the game, Michigan State’s head coach had a heart attack.  He is doing well today, but it’s worth a mention especially after the exciting finish to the game.  A simple – “did you see what happened to the Michigan State head coach?” can start that conversation.

And it’s a scary story from baseball over the weekend when a member of the Chicago Cubs was impaled in the chest by a piece of a broken bat.  You can read about it here.  Broken bats are a huge concern for MLB and they’ve been recording and studying instances of broken bats for years.  Do you think changes are in order, or was this just a fluke?