Posted on: November 29th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

It’s the Monday after Black Friday, which means most people are thinking about holiday shopping and talking about all the great deals they found.  There will be a large group of sports fans, however, talking about a great weekend of college football and other topics making headlines around the sports world.

Here are a few you should know about.  Don’t forget I’ve done the research and the reading.  I’ve included a link if you want more info but you’ll be just fine reading the short summaries.

College Football – The Washington Huskies beat Cal on the final play of the game bringing their win total to 5 this season.  They need one more win to become bowl eligible.  Their final game is next week against Washington State (in Pullman) in the annual Apple Cup Rivalry.  Can the Dawgs pull it out? Will the Cougs play spoilers after having back to back bye weeks to prepare for the Dawgs?

College Football – Forget about seeing Boise State in a BCS bowl game this year.  All the talk of a potential shot at the national championship ended Friday in an overtime loss to Nevada. The BSU kicker missed two potential game winning field goals.   What did the loss do to the program?  How much of a blow was it?  Where do they deserved to be ranked?

On a side note – TCU finished it’s second straight unbeaten season and the Horned Frogs are looking for a BCS bowl game.  Do they deserve it based the quality of opponents they’ve faced?

MLB – Few people started following the Derek Jeter contract negotiations until last week when talks turned acrimonious between the long time Yankee captain and the Yankee organization.   There are reports that New York is offering Jeter a 3 year deal but he’s asking for a 5 year deal worth an exorbitant amount of money.  Where does he end up?  Are you surprised at the way it’s playing out?

MLS – The MLS held an expansion draft last year for the two new teams entering the league (Portland and Vancouver.)  Each team was allowed to protect 11 of it’s players leaving the rest available for the draft.   The Seattle Sounders ended up losing Sanna Nyassi and Nathan Sturgis to their new Northwest rivals.  How will that impact the team?  How do you think the new teams will affect the league/Sounders?

NBAThe Miami Heat are reportedly frustrated with their head coach.  The team favored to win the NBA title with “The Big Three” (Wade, LeBron, Bosh) but the Heat has lost four of its last five games.  Who deserves blame? What’s going wrong in Miami?

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