Posted on: March 21st, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Welcome to a new week and a new version of Conversation Starters!  After a week off and a little R&R we’re ready to get back at it and help you converse more confidently at the office and with your friends this week.  Here are a few of the hot topics sports fans are talking about this week.

Talk Sporty to Me Conversation Starters

NFL Lockout – The Lockout rolls on and players aren’t happy about a letter sent from commissioner Roger Goodell.  In fact, they issued a letter of their own telling the commish “Your statements are false.” The players feel the owners did not effectively outline their case for a massive giveback from the players that would have cost them a lot of money.  Minnesota punter Chris Kluwe took his own creative shots via Twitter over the weekend. What do you think of the latest round of shots from both sides?  When do you think they’ll return to the bargaining table?


NCAA TournamentThree of the four top seeds in the NCAA tournament remain.  Pittsburgh is the only #1 seed to lose over the weekend.  How does your bracket look?  Any of the games surprise you?


MLB – Take a break from talking about your favorite team this week and try talking about this…  Former Washington Husky Tim Lincecum knows how to devour hitters when he’s on the mound.  But he also knows how to put down a burger or two.  The 2-time Cy Young Award winner said last week that his normal diet at In-N-Out is 3 double-doubles, 2 orders of fries and a chocolate-strawberry milkshake. The total calorie count? About 3,100.   What’s your favorite order at In-N-Out?  How about the meal you used to eat before a big game?  When will all the burgers and fries catch up with Lincecum?

MLS – The regular season opened last week and two new northwest teams joined the MLS fold – the Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers.  The Sounders and Timbers are still looking for their first wins of the season.  What do you think of the new northwest rivalries?